Buying a Home in Mansfield, TX

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, purchasing a home is scary and stressful. Before taking the leap into buying your next home, you want to make sure you understand the process and learn as much as possible. I never recommend purchasing a house by yourself. Always use a local real estate agent to help you navigate the process. As a REALTOR® in Mansfield, I work to negotiate on your behalf to ensure the house you’re purchasing quickly becomes the home you love.

Setting a Budget when Buying a Home

When purchasing a home, the first thing you should do is determine a budget. When establishing your budget, it’s important to remember that not only do you need to consider your mortgage, but you also need to keep insurance, home warranty, maintenance, and possible HOA fees in mind. If you decide not to put down a full 20 percent on a home, you may also be paying for private mortgage insurance or PMI.

Once you have an idea of how much you can afford each month, I invite you to contact a preferred mortgage lender to start the process of securing financing. The first step in obtaining financing is to go through the pre-approval process. This will tell you up to how much home you’re qualified to purchase. Remember, a pre-approval does not guarantee that you will automatically receive full approval for a loan. It’s essential that during your home search, once you receive that pre-approval, do not make any major purchases until you’ve secured a home and your final approval.

Touring Homes for Sale in Mansfield, TX

Now that you have a budget and you know how much home you can afford, you’re ready to start searching and touring homes. This part can take time, and so I encourage you not to get discouraged. As your Mansfield REALTOR®, I will help you through this entire process. We know how important it is to make sure you find the right home at the right price.

When it’s time to put in an offer on a home, you need to understand that this is a legal contract between you the seller. The offer will include the price you would like to purchase the house for, any special provisions that need to be included, and if you will require any contingencies such as a home inspection. If the seller counter-offers, I will work to negotiate on your behalf. If the seller accepts, then we are ready to move on to contingencies and closings.

Contract to Close

It’s always exciting when your offer has been accepted. During this period, I always recommend getting a home inspection to make sure the house is in the best possible shape and there aren’t any surprises after you move in. The lender will typically have an appraisal completed to make sure you aren’t over-paying for the home, and the title company will run a title search of the home. Once all contingencies have been satisfied, it’s time to close on your home. This is when all paperwork is signed, and the house officially becomes your home.

Important things to do prior to buying a home.
  • Know your budget.
  • Make a list of features you would like the home to have.
  • Know the area you want to purchase a home in.
  • Research school districts if you have children.
  • Consider the location of the home and if it’ll be easy to sell it in the future.